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shaping up. probably not a white christmas. >> i am going to say umm. we have a chance for a little wintery mix. that's for sure. but mainly to the north and west as it is. but we have a couple chances as we go through the week to see if we get some snow in here. but for today, our biggest concern is the fact it's cold this morning. and temperatures in jessup 30 degrees heading out and about doing the last-minute shopping bundle up. ijamsville 27 and owings mills we are at the freezing degree point. now, look at maryland's most powerful radar. because this will be the change in the game as we go throughout the day. right now, we are dry. but we do have a chance for light showers to work their way in here. meeting up with the colder air, well we have the chance for that wintery mix i am talking about. so a little sleeting and snow and slush conditions out there as well. but nothing really accumulating as we head throughout the day. that temperature coming in right around 39 degrees by lunchtime. and let's check the traffic with lauren cook good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's going to be a pretty cold
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christmas eve. traveling up in harford county no traffic to deal with right now on 95. it's nice and clear from route 152 all the way down to white marsh and for those of you traveling on 83, here's a live look north of 695. you are looking at normal conditions right now once you get on the jfx. it will take you 11 minutes traveling southbound from 695 all the way down to fayette street and looking at the other abc2 timesaver traffic drive times 695 andn great shape. no problems from -- in great shape. no problems from parkville to towson. 11 minutes on outer loop from 795 down to 95. megan over to you. this morning authorities are trying to figure out what caused a 3-car accident on 295. if you were anywhere near the area you may have heard how bad it was. the crash caused a backup yesterday afternoon on northbound 295 near route 32. three people were taken to shock trauma with nonlife- threatening injuries. still no word on their current condition or the cause of the crash. but once we find out, we will
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let you know. a police officer is on routine leave after shooting and killing a man this happened early yesterday morning outside a shell gas station along edmonton near north bend road in baltimore county. police say the officer was making a routine patrol when he noticed a suspicious man behind the shell station. the officer asked the man to come out behind the business and that's when the swigs situation -- situation escalated. >> that man refused produced a knife and pointed it at the officer. the officer attempted to use his taser, but it was ineffective. the officer then ordered the man to drop the knife repeatedly and the man refused and the officer in fear for his life fired his service weapon. >> the man who was killed is 36- year-old gregory stegall. officers say he was shot one time and that officer by the way is on a routine paid leave. baltimore county where a man is dead after a police involved shooting yesterday morning outside the shell station. we told you about that. so we will move on to the
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fiscal cliff. the house and senate on christmas break. the president vacationing in hawaii and you are looking at a pretty hefty tax hike if they don't come to an agreement. law makers have one week to come up with a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. some republicans now say the president wants the country to go over the cliff. last week president -- last week's speaker of the house john boehner failed to get the plan b passed but he failed to even bring to a vote. and if his own party that kept it from happening. so as the bickering continues over who is to blame the president and speaker left town after making the parting pitches. >> the work towards a package that prevanes tax hike on mid -- prevents a tax hike on middle class americans protect unemployment insurance for 2 million americans and lays the groundwork for further work on both growth and deficit reduction. >> the president's solution of
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raising tax rates would be redink as far as the eye could see and it would hurt jobs. >> president obama says that he will cut his holiday vacation short and try to hammer out the deal with congress. law makers are expected to return to washington later on this week to continue the negotiations. well it's christmas eve and guess what, not everybody has done their christmas shopping. as i am suspecting you are the ones guilty of this. our floor director here a woman, she says she has not finished either. so if you are one of those procrastinators, you are not alone. millions of people are expected to hit the stores. abc2 news linda so is live this morning at the mall in columbia with those last-minute shoppers. i can't believe so many people wait so long linda. >> reporter: i know. i guess it's exciting for them. i don't get it i was done on black friday and i am not bragging but again some people like to shop under pressure. you know macy's and the mall in
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columbia here they are helping people out. those who have waited this long. the major anchor stores here at the mall will be opening at 7 this morning and macy's j.c. penney's and nordstrom's opening at 8 and the rest of the mall opening at 8. the parking garage is opened now and it will be filling up because around 17 million people plan to hit the stores, the malls to shop to get last- minute christmas shopping done. if you waited to get your shopping done you will share the parking lots and stores with other procrastinators. it was a busy weekend that malls in stores everywhere. parking was hard to come by. long lines d you know that the busiest -- did you know the busiest shopping day of the year is the saturday before christmas not black friday. and if you waited this long, 17 million people actually say they plan to shop today on christmas eve. a good bulk of the shoppers have not started their shopping yet. yikes. the most popular present is still clothing and then gift
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cards and megan your favorite is some people say they would hand out ious for a present i don't get that but i guess they are brave. so again here at the mall incolumbia, major anchor stores will open at 7 this morning like macy's and j.c. penney. nordstrom opening at 8 and so will the west of the -- rest of the mall. mall closes at 7. now back to you. >> with the extended house you -- hours you better have a good reason for ious. >> reporter: exactly. >> we will check in in a bit. as you finish up the holiday shopping, it's important to keep in mind people are out there that are looking to take advantage of you to get your money. we are working to make sure you don't get trick out of what isures. a report -- yours. in 2012 more than ever before they are targeting us actually on the smart phones this year. consumers are getting text messages telling them they have won free target gift cards. and the messages are sent to you from a website where you
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have plenty of opportunity to buy things but no way to collect your prize. so other scams this holiday season includes facebook e greeting cards and down loadable christmas carol lyrics which can leave your computer infected. those are good things to keep in mind should you see them pop up on the e-mail or smart phone. if you want more consumer news or information find more on click on the money tab at the top of the page and there you can find consumer stories including how to avoid being fooled by extra fees on the gift cards you receive. people around the country are trying to help those in newtown connecticut recover from the horrific school shooting. we will tell you what people here in maryland are doing in hopes of taking the tragedy off everyone's mind for a little while. also ahead this morning, the song that came to one musician as he slept. how he is using it to pay
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tributes to the victims of the sandy hook elementary shewelling. -- shooting.
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family and friends said final good-byes to victims of the sandy hook shooting. the last funeral took place this weekend and the pain is fresh in everyone's mind and it will be that way for a long time of the that's why people all over the country are keeping the victims and survivors in their thoughts and prayers especially over the holiday season. for example in gaithersburg families there are making snowflake decorations for newtown for the community there. they said they wanted to help make newtown beautiful again. and turn it into a winter wonderland instead of a place filled with so much pain. one man is using another form of art to honor those victims from the sandy hook elementary school shooting. a musician in newtown connecticut is paying tribute to those who were killed with a song. he says he woke up with a tune in his head and he took it as a sign to honor their memory. [ music ] ♪ the song came by a
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pure accident. tragedy happened on friday, and by sunday night, like late sunday night, i wake up and i have a melody going in my head. [ music ] >> the -- because my favorite thing melody and putting the people's names in before i know it it's a whole song that came out of sleep and out of another force somewhere. this was a different way of contributing to what's going on. ♪ charlotte daniel ♪ [ words indiscernible ] [ music ] ♪ we think of our
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angels smiles on the face someday we will all be home ♪ >> this music is an offering to the memory of those souls. >> so musicians in new town connecticut coming together to help those heal -- newtown connecticut coming together to help those heal and it has to be excruciating. lynette charles joins because check on the weather. a lot of people are looking at the calendar and looking out the window and wondering what's going to happen. >> just like the calendar outside no snow.
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>> wait. >> it's cold and we have a chance for a little wintery mix. people want all snow and i can't say that's what we will get. heading to the airport had morning i know some of you are still going to be doing big travels today. and even tomorrow, tomorrow is a good day to travel as well if you do it early. but this is what you can expect for the forecast. it's cold this morning heading towards bwi. and 27 degrees that dew point 22 so very dry air in the mix this morning. and visibility not an issue at all. we have it at 10 miles and that's what we like to see. traveling elsewhere, heading to the west, be prepared for blowing snow. but then back across the ohio valley, the midwest, well you see snow in that area for this evening. and more rain in the forecast as we head through the southeast. this will travel up toward the northeast and this is what we have in our forecast as we head throughout the day. possibly some snow mixing in as well. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there are a few accidents to watch out for. one in baltimore silty on --
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city on saratoga street and more in owings mills on green spring valley road at spring hill road. heading to the beltway, no delays on the west side. and you are look live in towson here west of york road, traffic is moving along. no problems getting down to 95 and the outer loop clear all the way up to 83. that's a look at your traffic. megan over to you. >> all right. pies, cookies and cakes the holiday wouldn't be complete without the treats but if you dieting, it can be roadblocks tower weight loss journey and we have tips on how to indulge without overdoing it. and a young girl diagnosed with terminal cancer is helping to make the lives of other children better. we will look at how she is making a difference. w=!n
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air watching the station that works for you abc2 baltimore. 5:48. this morning's health alert you probably indulge in some sort of holiday dessert by now. and if you are looking to bake more for tomorrow, you can do it and cut some of the calories. one way, swapo gut for recipes that call for sour cream. and another way you can indulge apple sauce in the cookies or cakes as well. >> we do -- reducing fat contnt by using apple sauce or cutting -- content by using apple sauce
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or cutting out 25% of the sugar will not effect the final baked good or finding a sugar substitute you are comfortable with that you want to work with to reduce the sugar content. >> step away from the cookies and pies. it's hard but instead put out some fruit and dip and dip them in dark chocolate. five things to know as you head out. hang out at home on this christmas eve morning. the pope is preparing his christmas eve mass. thousands of people are expected in st. peters scare. if you are secureous -- curious he will deliver the midnight mass around 6 p.m. our time. a u.s. senator faces drunk driving charges this morning. michael crapo a republican from idaho was pulled over in virginia early sunday morning. police say that he ran a red light and failed field sobriety test. he posted a bond and alpoi-- and apologized for his actions. he has a court date set for january. santa claus will make a
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special stop in baltimore at ronald mcdonald house is and will spend sometime with the kid putting an extra smile on their faces for this holiday season. and over the next few weeks, the president will make a decision on how many american troops will be coming home from afghanistan next year. a major factor will be how successful they are in preparing afghan forces to secure their country. that outlook took a grim turn this morning when an afghan police woman killed an american adviser at the kabul police headquarters. that happened this morning. a possibility of slick roads later on this morning especially in northern maryland. the state highway administration is ready to roll out and keep the roads safe. they are reminding you to take it slow avoid passing any snowplows if you see them on the road. and they celebrated the new year early in the ukraine with asanta run. 250 people dressed up for a run and they ran through the streets. all the money raised for this race will go towards orphanages
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and disabled children in the community. and yes virginia there is santa claus. he comes in all sorts of forms and in this case, a 9-year-old girl from virginia. a month ago gabriela miller was diagnosed with a inoperable brain tumor and she is going on a trip to paris but before she goes, she dreamed of doing something for other critically ill children like herself. you see she asked for letters to santa because macy's donates a dollar to make a wish for every letter they receive. they blew bast the goal of 10,000 helped by social media and they didn't just blow by it by shattered it. by sunday afternoon she collected more than 200,000 letters. >> this is my motto and i think you should use it too. you might have a bad day today, so there's always a bright star to tomorrow. look inside. what's your bright star?
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thank you. happy holidays. >> macy's was so touched they donated an additional 25,000 dollars in her name to the make a wish foundation. each wish cost about 7500 dollars. so thanks to gabriela 36 children struggling with illness will get their wishess to come true. we will send it over to lynette charles with the weather. how is it looking. >> a few clouds out there. but the bigger story is the fact that it's very cold out there. and i think everybody or i am not going say everybody but most people like the fact of the seasonable temperatures we are getting. temperatures in the 20s in a lot of spots. 26 degrees. i will show outnumbers in a second. but we are waiting for this area of low pressure to slide our way. and with it, it will bring the precipitation that we are seeing down south to us as we go through time. this is what it looks like future trend not picking up on a whole lot. but we will have the clouds high cover cloud coming in going throughout morning and
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then we will see possibly some rain and some snow and mainly off toward the north and west. but this could mix together and give us sleet as we go throughout the day as well. and as we head into wednesday, that's when we will have another chance for a wentry mix in the picture. -- wentry mix for the -- wintery mix for the picture. this is the christmas eve temperature for tonight, very christmassy. 32 with at wintery mix and form 46. 7-day forecast brings another mix in here. by saturday. let's check the traffic with lauren cook good morning. >> reporter: good morning. unfortunately we have several accidents to tell you about. trouble in owings mills where there's a crash on green spring valley at spring hill road. and traveling in baltimore watch out for a crash on saratoga street at mount street. if you are use 95 this morning, here's a live look downtown at 395. traffic is moving right along no problems getting through the tunnels and as we take a look at the drive times, 695 also going to be in great shape no
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delays from parkville up to towson and west side 11 minutes on the outer loop from 795 down to 95. megan over to you. they are as much a part of the season as leaving a plate of cookies in milk for santa. so for the most part, the giant light displays are getting people into the spirit but this one does more than that. we will tell you how this is helping veterans coming home. good morning! wow.
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we have seen the ridiculously elaborate christmas light displays and you may lib next to one. -- live next to one. for the most part it's about getting into the christmas spirit and this is in connecticut. each year it has gotten bigger and bigger. it's huge. he draws people from all over with cars lined up down the streets and the best part is it's for a good cause. they partner with paws for purple hearts that partner veterans with service dogs and people can visit and donate towards the cause. we are certainly all searching for ways to help the people in newtown connecticut and sadly there are others out there trying to take advantage of that. so coming up in this morning's scam alert what you need a know
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